Episcopal Chautauqua Heritage Society
The Episcopal Cottage of Chautauqua, established in 1919 and supported by interested Episcopalians and other people of faith, provides a ministry of hospitality in the name of Jesus Christ consistent with the teaching and doctrines of the Christian faith as received by the Episcopal Church.

From the By-laws of the Episcopal Cottage of Chautauqua, Inc.

Episcopal Chautauqua Heritage Society
After World War I, a group of Episcopal women formed an organization to support their summer ministry of hospitality at the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York.  They established a nonprofit corporation in 1919 known as The Episcopal Cottage of Chautauqua, Inc. to perpetuate their mission. 

From the early 1920’s until 1950, the first Episcopal Cottage was located at 6 Pratt Street adjacent to Bestor Plaza.  During the Depression, this Episcopal Cottage fell into great disrepair.  Rather than rebuild at that site, the Board chose to relocate.

The present Episcopal Cottage at 24 Peck Avenue was purchased for $25,000.00 in 1949.  One generous member loaned the corporation the funds necessary to acquire the property.  Since that time, the corporation has repaid this loan and invested many times the original purchase price to make capital improvements in furtherance of its mission.

For over ninety years, the Episcopal Cottage has provided a ministry of hospitality at the Institution. The Episcopal Cottage looks forward to beginning a second century of service in another decade.

Episcopal Chautauqua Heritage Society
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Episcopal Chautauqua Heritage Society
The Episcopal Cottage of Chautauqua, Inc. is governed by a twelve-person Board of Directors.  The election of directors and officers by members takes place at the annual meeting that is held on the last Sunday of the Chautauqua Institution’s Season at the Episcopal Cottage.  The term of service for directors is three years.  A director may stand for reelection once.  An exception is made for the Treasurer, who is appointed by the Board and a non-voting member of it.  All members are invited to sign up for workdays that are scheduled each fall and spring to open or close the Episcopal Cottage for the year.

4th Row:Bill Bauer and Virginia Carr
3rd Row:Glenn Chichester, Peter Westphal, John Tamplin, Paul Cawein
2nd Row:Bob Matson, Rick Shultz, Victoria Bauer, Sue Chichester, Joyce Brasted
1st Row:Sallie Holder
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Episcopal Chautauqua Heritage Society
Jim and Darlene Huron

Host and Hostess Jim and Darlene Huron come to the Episcopal Cottage from a background of Church and educational work, public relations, mental health, and extensive involvement in Chautauqua Institution.

Episcopal Cottage In The Chautauqua Institution - Host and Hostess PicturesDarlene has worked in television and public relations, early childhood education, and Administrator of Volunteer Services in Ohio's largest psychiatric facility. At Chautauqua, she served for many years on the board of the Chautauqua Women's Club, where she was Vice President and Chair of the House Committee during the renovation of the Club House, and on the Board of the Bird Tree and Garden Club, where she was for many years the Chaplain. She has chaired several major tasks at Chautauqua, including the Women's Club's Flea Market and Strawberry Festival, and the Bird Tree and Garden Club's Mushroom Sandwich festival, and has worked as Monitor with Chautauqua's Special Studies Department. Both she and her husband Jim are active members of their CLSC Class of 2000.

Jim's background includes nearly 50 years of ministry as pastor in local congregations, Chaplain/Counselor in Ohio's largest psychiatric facility, Chaplain/Counselor in one of Ohio's largest cemetery/funeral homes, instructor with Ashland Ohio Seminary in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology, and with his wife Darlene farmer and business owner. His activities have been ecumenical, as he is both an ordained Minister in the Disciples of Christ, and a confirmed Episcopalian. His Chautauqua experience includes service as President of the CLSC Alumni Association, Board Member of the Chautauqua Theater Company, Co-Founder of the Chautauqua Men's Club, President of the Chautauqua Association of the Disciples of Christ, and facilitator of Chautauqua Special Studies' Turner Education Building.

Jim and Darlene have been summer participants at Chautauqua for every year beginning in 1983, and for the full season since 1999. While in New York, they are participants in the Episcopal Chapel of the Good Shepherd at Chautauqua and St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Jamestown, New York. They make their home in Winter Haven, Florida, where they are active members of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, as well as volunteer participants in numerous Winter Haven organizations, including Theater Winter Haven, Winter Haven Garden Club, and delivery of Meals on Wheels.

Episcopal Chautauqua Heritage Society
Chaplains-in-Residence preside at a daily Holy Eucharist in the nearby Chapel of Good Shepherd except for Saturday.  Weekdays services are at 7:45 a.m. and Sundays at 7:45 a.m. as well as 9:00 a.m.  There is an informal coffee social at the Episcopal Cottage following the 9:00 a.m. service on Sundays.  Chaplains-in-Residence are available for pastoral care to guests of the Episcopal Cottage upon request.

The Chaplains who will be serving The Chapel of The Good Shepherd and residing at the Episcopal Cottage for the 2017 are listed below.


Week 1 - Peter Faass - Shaker Heights,Ohio

Week 2 - Sandra McCann - Columbus, GA.

Week 3 - Kit Wang - York Harbor, ME

Week 4 - Christopher Morgan-Jones - Kent England

Week 5 - Earl King - Grand Island, NY

Week 6 - Andreas Thiel - Ontario, Canada

Week 7 - Sr. Eleanor Francis - Mendham, NJ

Week 8 - Robert Fruewitsth - St. Michael in Raleigh NC

Week 9 - Eugene LaConteur II - Richmond, VA

Closing weekend Joseph Kozlowski


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